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  • Brand: Non-stop dogwear

Non-stop dogwear Trekking rope leash

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Secure and Reliable

The Non-stop dogwear Trekking rope leash is round dog leash with a secure screw lock carabiner.

The Non-stop dogwear trekking rope leash is ideal for your everyday adventures. It is lightweight and comfortable to hold without compromising strength or durability.

Non-stop dogwear Trekking rope leash

Tailored Lengths for Every Adventure: The Non-stop Dogwear Trekking Rope Leash

The Non-stop dogwear trekking rope leash is available in multiple lengths to accommodate your preferences and needs. The 1,2 m version is great for daily walks and training, where a close connection with your dog is needed. The 2 m and 2,8 m versions provide your dog with more freedom to explore.

You can choose between a 6 mm or an 8 mm rope, in the colours teal and orange.

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Non-stop dogwear Trekking rope leash