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  • Brand: Non-stop dogwear

Non-stop dogwear Safe Life Jacket 2.0

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Non-stop dogwear Safe Life Jacket 2.0,

The safe life jacket 2.0 by Non-stop dogwear provides your dog with comfort and security in the water. Even good swimmers should use a life vest! Dogs who are insecure in the water can find the encouragement they need to swim. It can be used for rehabilitation swimming.

Even dogs who love to swim can suddenly get tired or cramps in the water. In case this would happen, the Safe life jacket 2.0 will help keep the dog floating. Around the neck, floating elements help the dog hold its head above water. A sturdy handle and rigid fasteners on the chest make it possible to lift the dog out from the water. The lifejacket has saturated colour and 3M™ reflective material making it easier to spot the dog in the water from all angles. The soft floating elements help the dog develop good swimming technique to get the optimal effects of swimming practice. The side rings can be adjusted to shape how the dog swims and optionally add resistance. This can be beneficial for rehabilitation in swimming pools or water treadmills. A long line can be attached to the back ring if you are out on the water in a boat, canoe, or SUP and want to have better control over your dog. The life jacket has a pocket for storing a leash on the back.

Safe life jacket 2.0 is adjustable around the neck and chest. The life vest clips on with buckles and is easy to take on after first time adjustments have been made. Two straps under the chest distribute weight evenly if the dog needs to be lifted out from the water. Mesh lining keeps water from being held under the chest.

The dog life jacket is available in sizes 2-7, to fit both small-sized to large dogs.


Size 2 3 4 5 6 7
Weight 169g 192g 314g 473g 619g 688g
Back length 20cm 25cm 30cm 36cm 42cm 51cm
Height 21cm 24cm 30cm 35cm 37cm 42cm

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Non-stop dogwear Safe Life Jacket 2.0