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  • Brand: Non-stop dogwear

Non-stop dogwear Rock Harness Long

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Product description

Introducing the Non-stop dogwear Rock Harness Long โ€“ the ultimate multi-use dog harness crafted for unparalleled power transfer during pulling activities. Engineered for versatility, this harness is perfect for daily walks, trekking, obstacle racing, or biking, ensuring your canine companion stays comfortable and secure.

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the Rock Harness Long features a support strap at the base to evenly distribute pressure across your dog's body. This optimised power transfer makes it ideal for canicross, bikejoring, and skijoring activities where moderate pulling is involved. When obstacle racing or trekking, the solid handle on top allows you to assist your dog easily while ensuring their weight is distributed across the belly panel for maximum comfort.

For those moments when you prefer your dog not to pull, the harness includes a no-pull attachment point at the front alongside the standard leash connection point on the back. Additionally, thereโ€™s a loop at the neck to provide extra control in busy environments or during races.

The Rock Harness Long boasts exceptional adjustability with four side-release buckles for easy fitting and removal. Crafted from our unique HexiVent three-layer material combination, it offers outstanding breathability and comfort. The harness also features Duraflexยฎ bluesignยฎ approved buckles, nylon and polyester webbing, reflective piping for enhanced visibility, Hypalon reinforcement for added durability, and an aluminium D-ring.

Available in sleek black and sizes ranging from XS to XL, this harness is designed to cater to dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Technical Specifications:

  • HexiVent material
  • Duraflexยฎ buckles (bluesignยฎ APPROVED)
  • Nylon and polyester webbing (bluesignยฎ APPROVED)
  • Reflective piping
  • Hypalon reinforcement
  • Aluminium D-ring

Washing Instructions: Machine washable at 40 degrees.

Experience the difference with the N0n-stop dogwear Rock Harness Long โ€“ where functionality meets superior design for an unmatched outdoor adventure with your furry friend.

Image Description: The image showcases a robust dog harness against a white backdrop. Predominantly black with orange and white patterned accents, it features multiple adjustable straps and buckles. A handle on top enhances control and assists in navigating obstacles. Several attachment points are visible for leashes or additional gear. The overall design indicates its suitability for active outdoor use, prioritising durability and canine comfort.

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Non-stop dogwear Rock Harness Long