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  • Brand: Non-stop dogwear

Non-stop dogwear Move Leash

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Product description

Non-stop dogwear Move Leash,Comfort and Security Combined: Introducing Move Leash by Non-stop Dogwear

Move Leash from Non-stop dogwear is soft and comfortable, yet solid dog leash developed for an active lifestyle. The Move lead is equipped with a Twist-lock carabiner to keep your dog secure.

Innovative Twist-Lock Carabiner for Maximum Safety

The Twist-lock carabiner prevents even the best escape artists from twisting their harness or collar out of the dog leash. The carabiner has an automatic lock that prevents the move lead from accidentally coming off. The carabiner sits on a swivel, so that your dogโ€™s leash will not get twisted.

Non-stop dogwear Move Leash

Designed for Active Lifestyles: Features of the Move Leash

The Move leash was made for being on the move with your dog, whether that is going for a walk in the city, longer hikes or obedience training. This dog leash is lightweight and comfortable to hold, thanks to the Neoprene padded handle. There is an additional loop next to the handle where you can attach a dog waste bag dispenser or other light items.

Non-stop dogwear Move Leash

Enhanced Visibility for Nighttime Walks

3Mโ„ข reflective material on both sides of the leash makes you and your dog visible in the dark. The reflective stripes are placed on the end of the leash closest to your dog, as a carโ€™s light usually hits lower areas first.


Size 10mm/1.5m 15mm/1.5m 20mm/1.7m
Length 1.5m 1.5m 1.7m
Width 10mm 15mm 20mm

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Non-stop dogwear Move Leash