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  • Brand: Non-stop dogwear

Non-stop dogwear Line harness long WD

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Non-stop dogwear Line Harness Long WD: Ultimate Control and Comfort for Active Dogs

Elevate your dog's active lifestyle with the Non-stop dogwear Line harness long WD, designed for everything from daily walks to intense dog sports. Whether you're trekking, trailing, or engaging in canicross, bikejoring, or skijoring, this versatile harness ensures your dog pulls moderately and comfortably.

Crafted in an elegant olive colour and available in sizes 4-8, the Line harness long WD combines functionality with comfort. Its Y-shaped padded neck design promotes unrestricted shoulder movement and minimal breathing restrictions, ensuring your dog remains comfortable during any activity. The reinforced handle offers superior control and support, making it easier to help your dog over obstacles.

The harness is equipped with three lead connections for various handling options: a standard lead connection point at the back, a neck connection for close control, and a dedicated connection underneath the chest for a tracking line. This makes it perfect for activities such as tracking and operations.

Durability is key with the Working Dog series, and the Line harness long WD is no exception. Made with heavy-duty materials and reinforced with Hypalon in exposed areas, this harness withstands even the most strenuous activities. The addition of four side-release buckles ensures easy on-and-off application and adjustment.

Moreover, the padded rear webbing helps redistribute weight when lifting your dog over obstacles, preventing escape by snugly fitting around your dog's chest. Personalise the harness with patches on its hook-and-loop fasteners for added flair.

In summary, the Non-stop dogwear Line harness long WD is an essential piece of gear for any working or active dog. Its combination of comfort, durability, and versatility makes it a top choice for pet owners who demand the best.

Keywords: Non-stop dogwear Line harness long WD

Sizes Available: 4-8

Colour: Olive

Key Features:

  • Y-shaped padded neck
  • Three lead connections
  • Reinforced handle
  • Heavy-duty materials with Hypalon reinforcements
  • Four side-release buckles
  • Customisable with patches

Take your dog's performance to new heights with the Non-stop dogwear Line harness long WD.

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Non-stop dogwear Line harness long WD