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  • Brand: Non-stop dogwear

Non-stop dogwear Friction Long Line

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Product description

Friction Long Line: Enhanced Grip for Controlled Tracking

The Friction long line from Non-stop Dogwear offers superior control with its rubber inserts, ensuring a secure grip while your dog tracks through diverse terrains. Despite its grip, the line smoothly navigates the ground, providing uninterrupted movement for your dog.

Freedom in Terrain: Unleash Exploration

Grant your dog the freedom to explore with the Friction long line. Whether hiking through forests or wandering in open fields, this line allows ample space for comfortable movement while maintaining control, making it ideal for off-leash training.

Non-stop dogwear Friction Long Line

Lightweight and Tangle-Free: Easy Handling

Designed for ease, the Friction long line is lightweight and avoids tangling, navigating terrain effortlessly. Its durable materials withstand ground contact and vegetation, ensuring durability. The rubber inserts offer superior grip, even in water.

Secure and Reliable: Automatic Locking Mechanism

Featuring a Twistlock carabiner that locks automatically, the Friction long line ensures your dog's security. The swivel prevents twisting, ensuring smooth movement for you and your furry companion.

Non-stop dogwear Friction Long Line

High Visibility for Safety: Bright Orange Design

Prioritizing safety, the Friction long line comes in a bright orange color for enhanced visibility. Available in two lengthsโ€”10 meters (32.9 feet) and 15 meters (49.2 feet)โ€”it offers versatility for various outdoor activities. Additionally, reinforced stitching with Hypalon enhances durability, while the reflective details improve visibility in low-light conditions.

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Non-stop dogwear Friction Long Line