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  • Brand: Non-stop dogwear

Non-stop dogwear CaniX Belt - Canicross Belt

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Product description

Experience Elite Performance with the CaniX Belt from Non-stop dogwear

CaniX belt from Non-stop dogwear is super-light and designed for optimal performance. The unique construction helps to take the strain off the lower back and promotes good running technique. We involved elite canicross athletes in developing the CaniX belt, and the result is a favourite for multiple World champion canicrosser Ben Robinson, and several other top athletes.

Non-stop Dogwear CaniX Belt

Maximize Your Canicross Performance with the Lightweight and Durable CaniX Belt

The belt weighs only 280 grams and is very durable. Technical and breathable materials ensure running comfort in any temperature. The CaniX belt comes with a locking carabiner as a standard attachment point for your dog's bungee leash. The carabiner moves on a loop in front. It follows your teammate's movements, providing equal pressure on your hips even if the dog is pulling off-center. With this setup, it is easier to maintain balance and contact with your dog, also in turns. CaniX Belt has loads of adjustment possibilities, to fit a wide variety of body shapes.

Non-stop Dogwear CaniX Belt

Versatile Running Belt

The running belt comes in three sizes, Small, Medium and Large. There is a pocket on the backside, large enough to hold most smartphones. Reflective details on the belt help you to stay visible in the dark.

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Non-stop dogwear CaniX Belt - Canicross Belt