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  • Brand: KONG

KONG Rope Ring Puppy

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Product description

Ultimate Puppy Play with the KONG Rope Puppy Ring

The KONG Rope Puppy Ring offers a satisfying chewing experience tailored specifically for puppies. Crafted from an ultra-soft and durable yarn material knitted into a rope shape, this toy is designed to support your puppy's instinctual chewing needs while providing long-lasting play.

Durable Construction for Endless Fun

Constructed with robust materials, the KONG Rope Puppy Ring is built to withstand extended play sessions, ensuring hours of entertainment for your furry friend. The dense, solid rope weave reinforces appropriate chewing behavior, making it ideal for puppies in their teething phase.

Perfect for Tugging Fun

The versatile design of the KONG Rope Puppy Ring makes it ideal for tugging fun. Its durable construction ensures safe playtime, allowing your puppy to engage in interactive tug-of-war games, promoting bonding and exercise.

  • Lightweight ring for games of tug and toss
  • Seam-free construction for extended play
  • Soft, durable material rewards appropriate chewing
  • Customized to meet a puppyโ€™s playtime needs
  • Pliable material supports instinctual chewing
  • Chewing on rope helps clean teeth
  • Assorted colours

Made with a pliable yet durable rope material, the KONG Puppy Rope Ring toy is customized to meet a puppyโ€™s teething needs while rewarding appropriate chewing behaviour.

In summary, the KONG Rope Puppy Ring is the perfect choice for pet owners seeking to provide their puppies with a durable, satisfying, and interactive chewing experience that supports their natural instincts.

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KONG Rope Ring Puppy

ยฃ9.95 GBP