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  • Brand: KONG

KONG Rewards Shell Small

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Product description

Unleash Fun and Mental Stimulation with the KONG Rewards Shell Small

The KONG Rewards Shell Small offers a delightful combination of rolling, bouncing action and rewarding treats, making playtime both entertaining and mentally stimulating for your furry friend. This innovative toy randomly dispenses treats or kibble as your dog moves it around, encouraging engagement and providing healthy mental stimulation.

Keeps Dogs Active with Unpredictable Bounce

Designed with a unique shape that provides an unpredictable bounce, the KONG Rewards Shell Small keeps dogs active and engaged during playtime. Its dynamic movement adds an element of excitement, enticing your dog to keep playing.

Durable Material for Long-lasting Fun

Crafted from durable material, the KONG Rewards Shell Small is built to withstand vigorous play sessions, ensuring hours of quiet fun for your pet. Additionally, it can be used for meals to help manage your dog's weight, offering a multifunctional solution for both entertainment and nutrition.

In essence, the KONG Rewards Shell Small is more than just a toy โ€“ it's a tool for promoting physical activity, mental stimulation, and overall well-being for your beloved canine companion.

A comprehensive Overview

  • Durable treat dispenser for mental stimulation
  • Bounce and roll action keeps dogs active
  • Designed for quiet play sessions
  • Unique funnel for easy loading
  • Use as a bowl replacement to manage weight

Designed for light/moderate chewing. For tough chew sessions, try KONG rubber toys. Supervised use only. Remove all packaging. Discontinue use if damaged.

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KONG Rewards Shell Small

ยฃ9.95 GBP