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  • Brand: George Barclay

George Barclay MuttMOP® Dog Drying Robe

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Product description

Quick and Effortless Coat Drying

The George Barclay, MuttMOP Dog Drying Robe, quickly and effortlessly dries your dog’s coat. It’s the ideal accessory for drying your dog after a woodland walk, forest trail or coastal stroll.

Produced using a luxurious, dual weft microfibre, the MuttMOP drying robe effortlessly soaks up water within the material’s fibres and dries very quickly.

The material’s dual weft compound means the lining of the robe has a long pile surface, which quickly absorbs moisture and wicks away water from your dog. While the outside of the robe has a much shorter, softer pile surface, for a comfy, cosy feel.


  • Microfibre cleaning & drying technology
  • Girth adjustment
  • Fold-over / stand-up collar
  • Dual weft 400gsm material
  • Super absorbent
  • Machine washable
  • 8 sizes: XXS – XXXL, to suit most breeds

The George Barclay, MuttMOP® Dog Drying Robe, is available in 8 sizes. Use the size guide below to determine the correct size for your dog, then select your chosen sizes above.


Microfibre cleaning & drying technology Super absorbent girth adjustment Machine Washable

User Guide

To use, simply slip the MuttMOP dog drying robe over your dog’s head, then fasten the adjustable girth strap to secure the robe in place. The garments microfibre technology will begin drying your dog immediately, so you don’t have to.


After use, machine wash at 30 degrees with a mild detergent. Do not use bleach, air dry.

Why Choose a Dog Drying Coat for My Dog?

Given that we experience so much rain, and so many wet and muddy walks here in the UK, our dog drying coat really is the must have dog accessory for dog owners.

These drying jackets are perfect for getting your dog dry and warm after a wet and cold walk but also they are great for protecting the car or the home when the dog wants to shake which, let’s face it, we would all rather didn’t happen inside our homes. Simply pop it on your dog over their head, do it up around the girth and either pop the collar up or down. Then, leave them to dry.

Are Dog Drying Coats Necessary?

You may be wondering if a dog drying coat is really necessary and it really does depend on your dog. Some dogs will avoid getting wet at all costs not even wanting to go out for a walk if it’s a little wet. Others just love to find the biggest puddle and roll around in it. Some are natural born swimmers while others just about manage a bath. If you want to keep your dog warm, get them dry quickly and protect your surrounds from the shaken dog fur flying everywhere, it certainly is a worthwhile investment.


Dog Drying Coat by MuttMOP Size Guide

Size Length Girth
XXS 26cm (10in) 30 - 38cm (12 - 15in)
XS 33cm (13in) 40 - 48cm (16 - 19in)
SML 40cm (16in) 50 - 60cm (20 - 24in)
48cm (19in) 60 - 70cm (24 - 28in)
56cm (22in) 65 - 75cm (26 - 30in)
XL 64cm (25in) 70 - 85cm (28 - 34in)
XXL 72cm (28in) 80 - 100cm (32 - 40in)
XXXL 84cm (33in) 90 - 110cm (36 - 44in)

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George Barclay MuttMOP® Dog Drying Robe