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  • Brand: Dexas

Dexas ScrubBuster

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Product description

Streamlined Cleaning Process

The Dexas ScrubBuster makes at-home dog washing simple and efficient. With its long, soft silicone bristles, you can easily dispense shampoo and massage your dog's fur at the same time.

Convenient Shampoo Dispensing

Fill the bulb with your favorite dog shampoo (not included) and press the bulb gently to release the shampoo for a comfortable and thorough wash.

Easy Storage and Maintenance

When not in use, store the ScrubBuster upside down to keep the shampoo contents inside. This ensures a neat and tidy bathing area between uses.

Let Dexas โ€“ an innovative Texas-based pet care company โ€“ help you get a sparkling ย clean dog!

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Dexas ScrubBuster