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Halti Training Lead

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Product description

The Halti Training Lead: A Comprehensive Solution for Dog Training

The multi-functional Halti Training Lead, conceptualized by Dr. Roger Mugford, is engineered to provide superior control and simplify the training process with headcollars or harnesses. Offering a range of functionalities, this lead empowers you to manage, guide, and tether your dog in everyday scenarios.

Comfort and Versatility

Crafted from soft padded material, the Halti Training Lead prioritizes comfort, ensuring a comfortable grip for extended training sessions. Its versatile design, featuring 8 different uses, caters to a wide array of training needs, making it an indispensable tool for dog owners.

Eight Practical Uses

1. Short Length for Heel Training or Normal Walking
2. Medium Length for Obedience Training
3. Long Length for Recall or Distance Work
4. Hands-free Dog Training
5. Two Dogs on One Lead - Utilizing the Double-ended Trigger Hook
6. Easy, Supervised Tethering
7. Double Steering for Optimum Halti Control
8. Recommended for Use with the Halti Headcollar/Harness

Available in Red and Black with Two Width Variations

The Halti Training Lead comes in two classic colors, red and black, allowing dog owners to choose according to their preference. Furthermore, it is available in two width variations: small (15mm) and large (25mm), ensuring compatibility with various dog breeds and sizes.

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Halti Training Lead