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  • Brand: Beco

Beco Poop Bags Mint Scented - Big Strong and Leakproof

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Say goodbye to messy cleanups with Beco Poop Bags

Introducing Beco Mint Scented Poop Bags, the ultimate solution for responsible pet waste management. Designed to combine strength, freshness, and eco-consciousness, these bags offer a superior cleanup experience for pet owners everywhere.

Fresh Mint Scent

Enjoy a burst of freshness with every scoop. Our mint-scented bags are designed to mask unpleasant odors, making the cleanup process more pleasant for you and those around you.

Size, Strength, and Freshness Combined

These bags are big, strong and leak-proof, with a fresh mint scent to mask unpleasant smells. Coming in at 22.5 x 33cm they are extra long and thick to protect your hands. Made using 40% post-consumer recycled material, every roll of bags comes on a recycled cardboard core, and the cardboard packaging is recycled and recyclable.

These rolls will fit in all standard bag dispensers and are also available in an unscented option.

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Beco Poop Bags Mint Scented - Big Strong and Leakproof