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  • Brand: Ancol

Ancol Ergo Slicker

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Product description

Your Dog's Essential Tool

Specially tailored to cater to both long and short coats. This innovative design effortlessly whisks away loose fur, unveiling a coat that's not only irresistibly smooth but also impeccably neat.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for smooth, silky, long, and short coats.
  • Bendy pins ensure comfort during grooming sessions.
  • Effectively removes loose fur, moulting, and detangles.
  • Environmentally conscious packaging made from recycled and recyclable materials.

Usage Tips: To use the slicker brush, gently brush in the direction of fur growth, allowing the bendy pins to work their magic. Press gently to remove more fur from the undercoat, ensuring not to cause discomfort to your pet's skin. Tackle tangles by isolating the fur and gently pulling the slicker brush through, starting from the outside and working inwards.

Grooming Tips: Bond with your dog through grooming sessions, introducing them gradually to the experience. Begin grooming when your pet is relaxed, preferably after exercise. Handle tools gently, avoiding tugging on the skin or knots. Provide reassurance throughout the session and be mindful of signs of stress, pausing or ending the session if necessary. Start with brief sessions, gradually increasing duration as your dog becomes accustomed to grooming.


 Small 6.5 x 4.5cm
Medium 8.5 x 5cm
Large 9.5 x 7cm

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Ancol Ergo Slicker