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  • Brand: Tellington TTouch

TTouch Dog Harness

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TTouch Dog Harness: Elevate Your Dog's Training and Comfort

Transform your dog's walking experience with the official Tellington TTouch® Dog Harness, a unique and versatile tool designed by Robyn Hood, sister of Tellington TTouch® founder Linda Tellington-Jones. Manufactured under license in the UK and registered as UK Design 6207439, this Dog harness is specifically crafted for optimal control and comfort during Tellington TTouch leading exercises.

Unlike conventional dog harnesses with a single point of contact, the TTouch Dog Harness features dual rings—one at the front and one at the back. This innovative design helps reduce tension on your dog's neck and back, promoting better balance and posture. By clipping a lead to the front ring, you can gently guide your dog, improving gait and reducing common behavioural issues like leash frustration, pulling, and over-excitability.

The TTouch Dog Harness is not just practical but also adaptable for various training scenarios. Whether you're engaging in groundwork exercises or everyday walks, this harness offers multiple attachment points to suit your needs. Available in stylish black, green, or purple, it’s as fashionable as it is functional.

Choose from a range of sizes to ensure a perfect fit for your canine companion:

  • XX-Small (Black only): Neck 24.15 cm to 30.5 cm; Chest 27.95 cm to 43.20 cm
  • X-Small: Neck 30.5 cm to 38 cm; Chest 40.5 cm to 56 cm
  • Small: Neck 33 cm to 45.5 cm; Chest 46 cm to 63.5 cm
  • Medium (Narrow): Neck 40.5 cm to 56 cm; Chest 53.35 cm to 78.5 cm
  • Medium (Wide): Neck 40.5 cm to 56 cm; Chest 53.35 cm to 78.5 cm
  • Large: Neck 49.5 cm to 73.5 cm; Chest 65 cm to 96.5 cm
  • X-Large: Neck 58.5 cm to 83.5 cm; Chest 71 cm to 116.5 cm

Elevate your dog’s training regime with the Tellington TTouch® Dog Harness—where comfort meets control.

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TTouch Dog Harness